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From sharemarket to Sri Lanka's Richest: Dhammika Perera

His business acumen is very high. Regardless of the economic environment, you can find opportunities quickly. Your advantage is that any company that fits your business model will quickly succeed. Dhammika Perera is a leading figure in the Sri Lankan business sector. Many people do not know that he is the one who moves his hand behind many companies in the country. Many of his acquisitions have been successful and his influence has spread to all fields. Since 1999, it has awakened the sleeping giants of Sri Lankan business. You are proving that the impossible is possible! 

 During the Civil War, Pereira enrolled in the National Technical Diploma (NDT) course at the Technical College of the University of Moratuwa and then left to continue with his commercial activities. Then, he decided to move to Taiwan for a 6-month technical training. However, due to lack of technical skills, he returned from Taiwan three months later. [9] He started a machinery manufacturing business near his residence in Payagala in 1987, and continued until 1991. In 1991, then-President Ranasinghe Premadasa imposed a ban on boats and other machinery businesses, and had to venture into the car dealership in Paiyagala. [11] 

 He also runs Tito Electronics, an electronics store that repairs electronic circuit boards in Colpetty. In 1993, he began to get involved in gambling and started his own casino business in Isurugiri. Dhammika also started producing and selling neon bulbs in 1995. At that time, no manufacturer refused to sell these bulbs. In 1998, he also met Nadeem Ul Haque, then the resident representative of the International Monetary Fund in Sri Lanka, and established strong contacts. [12] 

 It was also involved in large companies, and when the company was in a loss in 1992, it decided to acquire and take over the ownership of Royal Ceremics and became its owner in 2000. It also bought Pan Asia Bank in 2002 when the bank it was considered a financial institution at a loss. After acquiring Pan-Asian Bank in 2002, it also cooperated with popular investor Nimal Perera, who were arguably the most successful pioneers of Sri Lanka's economy after the Civil War. [13] Since 2014 he has been the executive director of Vallibel Finance. In 

, Perera became the richest person in Sri Lanka, with a net worth of R72.6 billion (approximately US $ 550 million). [14] 

 It also owns significant shares in major financial institutions such as Vallibel Finance, Vallibel Power Erathna, Fortress Resorts, Queensbury Leisure Ltd and Delmege Limited. He is also the current Co-Chairman of Hayleys, Royal Ceramics Lanka, Horana Plantations and LB Finance. He is also a board member of Amaya Leisure, Haycarb, Hayleys MGT Knitting Mills, The Kingsbury Hotel, Dipped Products, Lanka Floortiles. [15] 

 He became the president of Lanka Tiles in 2017 and was named co-chair of the singer Sri Lanka in October 2017 after Hayleys agreed to buy the singer. [16] [17] Dhammika was appointed Chairman of Lanka Ceramic PLC in 2017, but resigned on August 31, 2018. [18] He was also appointed Chairman of the board of Lanka Walltiles in 2017. [19]


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